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The London Circle: The People’s Review of Prevent and the Shawcross Review

shawcross review peoples review of prevent

The Shawcross Review and People’s Review of Prevent form the topics of this discussion hosted by .. with co-authors of the People’s Review, Prof. John Holmwood and Dr Layla Aitlhadj.

The discussion starts with the acknowledgement of the great cost of Prevent with very little to show for its expenditure, and how the purposeful ambiguity in the definition of ‘extremism’ has meant the government of the day may leverage Prevent for its own ends.

Despite failing to ‘prevent terrorism’ no politician has so far been willing to question its validity, ethical value or efficiency.

The London Circle then considers different aspects of the People’s Review of Prevent, compiled after a token independent review set up by the government lost credibility very early on. 

Watch The London Circle discussion here.

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