Teacher tells NEU conference of Prevent training walkout by staff

prevent training walkout neu conference 2024

A participant in the recent NEU education union conference in Bournemouth spoke about how teachers refused to participate in Prevent training, staging a walk-out that had an impact on the school’s approach.

The conference in April this year centred on Palestine-Israel and participants called on the British government to “stop being an enabler of Israel’s apartheid policies, violence and anti-Palestinian racism”

The speaker said that Prevent is “used in schools to shut down debate, shut down solidarity for Palestinians and racially profile Muslim students and Muslim colleagues”.

“In our school, after the war in Palestine started, we were banned from having discussions about it and the school tried to impose Prevent training,” the delegate said. “We acted collectively and so walked out of the training.

“The pressure worked. The school then held assemblies on Palestine and allowed students and staff to wear badges.”

Read the full story on The Socialist Worker.


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