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Khan Solicitors

Khan Solicitors is regarded as one of the most prestigious law firms in the North of England. Head office in Bradford and a further office in Sheffield. We advise on high profile, difficult cases and have an excellent reputation amongst the community, our client base, the judiciary, our competitors and opponents.

We have an excellent reputation for representing disadvantaged people and dealing with some of the most high profile cases in the U.K. We conduct criminal defence work at Police Stations, Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts and Tribunals.

Khan’s commitment to criminal defence work has seen our reputation grow nationally and internationally, dealing with various aspects of Criminal Law cases, including terrorism, homicide, serious fraud, serious drug offences, money laundering, riots and election frauds throughout the United Kingdom.

The firm is fully committed to a considerable amount of charity work locally, nationally and internationally and is a staunch supporter of human rights causes, humanitarian crisis and the problems encountered within the developing world.

The firm has been a member of the Serious Fraud Panel and the Very High Cost Case Panel, attaining the required quality assured standard.

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