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Is Priti Patel trying to militarise counter-extremism in Britain?

An ex-Royal Marine Special Forces operations planner turned spy agency consultant is advising on the appointment of the next top counter-extremism commissioner, reveals Nafeez Ahmed in another ground-breaking investigation for the Byline Times.

The Government panel that will be deciding on the appointment of the next Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism includes a former senior military officer who is a veteran of the Afghan and Iraq invasions.

The former colonel now consults for overseas intelligence agencies and advises a private security firm specialising in “covert surveillance”.

The Home Office assessor, Col. (ret) Robert Graham Cundy, is a former Royal Marine and British Army Special Forces officer who played a senior role in counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan and Iraq after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Since retiring from the British Army, Cundy has contracted for various UK government departments including providing “capability training packages for overseas intelligence agencies,” according to his biography published on the website of the Subrosa Group, where he sits on the Advisory Board.

Its services include “innovative electronic security systems delivering covert and overt surveillance.”

Col. Cundy’s role in helping the Government select the next person who will advise the Home Secretary on how to tackle domestic extremism reveals how the British Government’s counter-extremism agenda is being dangerously militarised.

Source: Is Priti Patel trying to Militarise Britain’s Domestic Counter-Extremism? – Byline Times

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