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The Guardian: British Muslim identity and new citizenship law enforcing ‘second-class’ status

British Muslim identity has been hit with another challenge, according to a new report that concludes that they have had their citizenship reduced to “second-class” status thanks to recently extended powers to strip people of their nationality.

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) says the targets of such powers are almost exclusively Muslims, mostly of south Asian heritage, embedding discrimination and creating a lesser form of citizenship.

Frances Webber, IRR vice-chair and report author, wrote: “While a ‘native’ British citizen, who has access to no other citizenship, can commit the most heinous crimes without jeopardising his right to remain British, none of the estimated 6 million British citizens with access to another citizenship can feel confident in the perpetual nature of their citizenship.”

The IRR’s report was published on Sunday.

Source: British Muslims’ citizenship reduced to ‘second-class’ status, says thinktank | Islam | The Guardian

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