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‘Scrap’ Prevent, says Amnesty report ‘This is the Thought Police’

This is the Thought Police, a report authored by Amnesty International, illustrates that Prevent is a dangerously broken system where the vast majority of people reported do not present any threat.

This report shows that Prevent is seriously interfering with the lives and freedoms of thousands of innocent people, and it is leading to many people self-censoring out of fear of being reported to it.

Through interviews with police, educators and other professionals as well as with people impacted by Prevent, the report concludes that Prevent is stripping people of their basic human rights.

Not only this, but it is hampering their ability to live, work and speak freely. “It is ineffective and a waste of public resources, where this resource can be better allocated,” states Amnesty.

The report echoes statements and concerns made in the People’s Review of Prevent, as well as by the United Nations Rapporteur in a recent interview.

Download the report here.

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