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The “terrorist house” Case

prevent, terrorist house

Sector: Education
Date: February 2016
Gender: Male
Location: Greater London

Raheem, a 10 year old boy, was asked to make up a fictional character as part of an English lesson. To help develop the fictional character the teacher had asked the children to respond to some specific questions about the character, the following two are significant. Raheem named his piece ‘Cheeky Charlie’ and responded in the following way:

  • What makes you feel gloomy or down-in-the-dumps? I hate it when my uncle hits me.
  • What sort of place do you live in? I live in a terrorist house with my uncle.

(Source: Original Writing of 10 Year Old Boy)

Raheem and family have been interviewed and provided some startling insights into what happened:

  • the next day a Social Worker and a Police Officer visited his home
  • He had watched a movie where the uncle hits the boy
  • the police asked about terrorism
  • the police took his laptop away
  • the police asked if the mosque is connected to terrorism
  • the questioning was very targeted towards terrorism

A full interview with Raheem and Naheem spoke in a BBC interview

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