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People's Review of Prevent

The People's Review of Prevent

The People’s Review of Prevent is an alternative review to the Government Shawcross Review.

This review provides a voice to the people most impacted by the Prevent Duty.
Prevent is described as ‘safeguarding’ children from harms. However, under Prevent, safeguarding is focused on protecting the wider public from children believed to be ‘risky’, rather than protecting children from harms.

Throughout our report we present case studies that show how real these harms can be and the distress they cause to children and their families and carers.

As a survivor of 7/7 I support anti-radicalisation, but the Prevent strategy has become toxic

As a survivor of the London tube bombings, how can I not believe in the idea of an anti-radicalisation strategy? However what we currently have, known as Prevent, has failed. On Tuesday, after years of lobbying, the Government succumbed to calls for an independent review of the long divisive strategy. I have worked with Prevent for well over a decade, and I have seen its failures first-hand. Read more

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