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EachOther: The new Prime Minister’s human rights record

As well as expanding the UK’s involvement in ‘offshoring‘ refugees and asylum seekers, new PM Liz Truss has reportedly pledged to increase frontline border staff by 20%. She has also voted for restricting legal aid and voted in favour of allowing national-security-sensitive evidence to be put before courts in secret sessions and out of the eye of the media. On privacy rights, Truss voted in favour of the mass surveillance of people’s communications and activities. The right to privacy is currently enshrined in the HRA, but parliament will vote on plans to replace the act with the Bill of Rights on 12 September. Records show that under the current government the prime minister has never rebelled against the party majority in a vote. Source: Liz Truss: The new Prime Minister’s human rights record | EachOther


Professor hits out at Home Office after 100 border stops in seven years

A university professor has hit out at the Home Office after being stopped about 100 times in seven years at airports despite having no criminal record. Prof David Baker, a specialist in neuroimmunology at Queen Mary University in London, who has carried out pioneering work into treatments for conditions such as multiple sclerosis and travels frequently for his work, was once stopped three times in a single week by Border Force officials at airports. Read more


My Schedule 7 stop: Power and coercion presented as “choice” and a “friendly chat”

On 27 July 2019, I was stopped at Heathrow Terminal 5 by British counter-terrorism police after almost two weeks of teaching abroad. Almost immediately after disembarking my plane, I saw a queue of people waiting to have their passports checked by police. I had large headphones on and was listening to an audio telling of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘100 Years of Solitude’, not feeling any sense of threat, I proceeded to approach them with my headphones still on. The Asian officer checked my passport, flicked through it and motioned me to stand to follow him to one side. Read more