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Birmingham Live: Muslim cops want term ‘Islamist’ removed from counter terrorism policy

The National Association of Muslim Police is now publicly calling for an update of policing and counter terrorism terminology, with the term Islamist to be replaced by ‘anti-western extremism’ or something similar. It has also raised concerns about the disproportionate number of Muslims being referred to Prevent, the government’s counter extremism programme – with the West Midlands among the highest. Alex Gent, Chairman of the NAMP says Islamophobia remains an issue in wider UK policing. The group cited cases where Muslim officers had been referred to Prevent wrongly by their own colleagues after religious pilgrimages or following acceptance of Islam. The group says it has previously raised concerns over the use of ‘Islamist’ and ‘Islamism’ with police chiefs and politicians, including with former Home Secretary Priti Patel. But it has now gone public after no agreement to drop the words. Source: Muslim cops label counter terrorism policing ‘Islamophobic’ – Birmingham […]

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Dr Layla Ailhadj on Prevent and the Conservative government

This podcast features Prevent Watch manager Dr Layla Ailhadj, who introduces Prevent on the Thinking Muslim and cites cases to illustrate why it is a problem not only for Muslims, but also for the UK as a whole. The British Conservative government has gone through crisis after crisis. For the past twelve years, we have witnessed many failed policies, including the lesser known Prevent strategy. Despite all the evidence, the Tory government has pledged tax payers’ money into initiatives like Prevent, which is billed as being a counter-terrorism strategy, but has caused much damage to the government’s relations with Muslims, especially through its use in schools and further education. In this podcast, Thinking Muslim host Muhammad Jalal asks Dr Layla Aitlhadj of Prevent Watch to: help us understand Prevent analyse the broader impacts of the strategy draw on her extensive casework by giving examples of Prevent cases help us visualise […]