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From Georgetown University, this is Voices on Islamophobia, a podcast by The Bridge Initiative. I’m Mobashra Tazamal. Today I sat down with Dr. Tarek Younis to discuss Prevent, which is one of the four components of the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism strategy. The policy aims to prevent vulnerable individuals from becoming terrorists. It claims that there are visible indicators, or signs of “radicalization,” and calls on public sector workers to identify individuals in their care who may show signs of “extremism.” Many rights groups, academics, lawyers, and public figures have criticized the policy stating it stigmatizes and criminalizes Muslim communities. Dr. Younis is a cultural psychologist and deeply critical of Prevent, which he states is a racist and Islamophobic policy. His research explores the impact of counter-terrorism’s expansion on health settings and its impact on British Muslim mental health access. Read more


The UK’s PREVENT policy would not prevent white supremacist attacks like Christchurch – it’s part of the problem

The UK government’s PREVENT scheme has been discussed at length in the context of how it would prevent a white supremacist terror attack such as those in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, as Dr Tarek Younis writes, the PREVENT policy has a number of serious issues, not least the fact that its success is unproven. In the wake of Christchurch, British news media have seen government officials triumph PREVENT, a nation-wide policy which hopes to identify and ‘intervene on’ pre-criminals before they develop violent intent. These officials do so without the least bit of irony – but all the gall – considering the government finally acquiesced to an independent review of PREVENT given widespread disapproval of the policy. Read more