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BMA is urged to back doctors who refuse to take part in government’s Prevent programme

Doctors have urged the BMA to support members who refuse to take part in the government’s Prevent programme. Under the strategy, which is part of the UK government’s counterterrorism plan, NHS organisations are legally obliged to report people who they think may be at risk of becoming terrorists. General practices are not covered by this directive. Read more



I find myself inclined to agree with those who have raised concerns about Prevent; my very brief interaction with it left me and my colleagues with little trust in it to prevent anything, and if such sentiments are indeed more widespread, then politicians and counter-extremism champions need to stop patting themselves on the back and smell the coffee. The fact remains that there are a tiny handful of people on our island who wish to take the life of innocent people. A re-think is needed on how to stop them. (Sameer Mallick: Doctor working in the National Health Service) Read More