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The Guardian: New Met chief faces urgent task to rebuild public trust

Sir Mark Rowley becomes leader of the Metropolitan police knowing its problems are so severe, with public confidence so low, that failure to reform may make him the last commissioner of the force as we know it, writes Vikram Dodd. Already there is renewed talk of taking away the Met’s status as the national lead for counter-terrorism so that it can better focus on serving London’s communities. And the Met commissioner is the only police chief answering to two bosses – the London Mayor and the Home Secretary. Source: New Met chief faces urgent task to rebuild public trust | The Guardian


Declassified UK: Manchester bomber was a UK ally

Manchester bombing accused Salman Abedi and his closest family were part of Libyan militias benefiting from British covert military support six years before he murdered 22 people at the Manchester Arena in 2017. He was 16 at the time, reports Mark Curtis. The UK facilitated the flow of arms to Libyan rebel militias at the time, and helped train them, in a programme outsourced to its close ally, the Gulf regime of Qatar. This echoes claims by the legal team representing families of the deceased in the Manchester bombing, who have suggested that the bomb was due to a failure of the security services to act, and family members have accused Mi5 of ‘obfuscation and cover up‘ . Source: Manchester bomber was a UK ally


The PROP Expert View: Government’s true face is emerging through its about-turns on Prevent

Prevent was never about safeguarding, but nor is it counter-terrorism, writes Layla Aitlhadj. Even in cases where individuals were potentially victims of other crimes, Prevent conflated and obscured the duty of safeguarding and ignored the perpetrator, to rather focus on the victim. An example of this is when a young boy allegedly being “groomed” online was referred by his teacher; the child was interrogated, his mother pressurised to comply – but not a single thing further was heard about the online “groomer”, the perpetrator in the case. Surely, if Prevent was ever about preventing terrorism, the perpetrator would have been tracked down and dealt with by security services? Source: Government’s true face of aggression is emerging through its about-turns on Prevent – The Peoples Review of Prevent


If Theresa May refuses to adopt the definition of Islamophobia, the message she sends to the Muslim community will be heard loud and clear – Naz Shah

Naz Shah MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, commenting on reports Theresa May is preparing to reject the definition of Islamophobia published by Muslim groups, said: “The Conservative Party is in denial about Islamophobia and other forms of racism in its ranks, and that denial flows from the very top. If Theresa May refuses to adopt the definition of Islamophobia, the message she sends to the Muslim community will be heard loud and clear. “It has been a great struggle to get the police to record Islamophobia as a specific crime, so it is deeply worrying to see the National Police Chiefs Council bringing terrorism into the discussion about tackling Islamophobia. Read more


Government rejects controversial definition of Islamophobia after warning from terror police

The Government has rejected a controversial official definition of Islamophobia after a warning from police that anti-terrorist operations would be undermined. The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims wanted to define it to tackle what it called a “social evil”. But a government spokesman has now said the wording needed to be re-examined. The u-turn comes just hours after it emerged the leader of Britain’s police chiefs, Martin Hewitt, said that defining Islamophobia risked heightening community tensions and could hinder counterterrorist policing powers and tactics. Read more


Government’s counterterrorism is limiting texts and topics students can access, experts say

A counterterrorism strategy has created a “culture of fear” across UK universitieswhere freedom of expression and open debate is being stifled, experts and campaigners warn. The government’s Prevent duty, which requires institutions to “have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”, is having a “chilling effect” on free speech on campus, critics say. Read more

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The Quran Case: Prevent Crossing the Red Line

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Treating ‘honour-based’ violence as terrorism will only harm more women and girls

On July 20, the death in Pakistan of Samia Shahid, a 28-year-old British woman from Bradford, was reported to Pakistani authorities in what is now believed to have been an “honour killing”. Her husband says she was tricked into going to Pakistan by her family. That same day, Theresa May gave her first prime minister’s questions and agreed with Nusrat Ghani MP that so-called “honour-based” violence should be re-categorised as an act of terror in the UK. This has caused consternation among campaigners who fear that certain crimes against women could now be treated as terror-related. Read more


Mandela Day: A man who knew deeply the subjective meaning of the word “terrorist”

Yesterday was Mandela Day and around the world mainstream news outlets celebrated Nelson Mandela, a man that Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan once labelled “terrorist” and an individual whose liberation movement embodied by the African National Congress and its allies was criminalised and its leaders imprisoned, some of them for the majority of their adult lives. Read more