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Town Hall ‘agreed to disagree’ with Home Office on counter-terror strategy

The council officer in charge of co-ordinating preventative anti-terrorism measures across the borough has revealed that the Town Hall “agreed to disagree” with the Home Office over part of its approach approach. Tracey Thomas, who oversees the delivery of the Prevent strand of counter-terror strategy, revealed in a recent council meeting that it had come in for “criticism” from central government for having a year go by without a referral to multi-agency initiative Channel. Read more


Fears that council staff forced to ‘act as MI5’ to identify possible terror threats

Fears have been raised that council staff could be forced to “act as MI5” in helping to identify possible terror threats in Newcastle. Labour councillor Rebecca Shatwell told colleagues that the council must not become a “counter-terror operative” through its role in supporting the Government’s Prevent strategy, which intervenes with individuals to safeguard them from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Read more