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People's Review of Prevent

The People's Review of Prevent

The People’s Review of Prevent is an alternative review to the Government Shawcross Review.

This review provides a voice to the people most impacted by the Prevent Duty.
Prevent is described as ‘safeguarding’ children from harms. However, under Prevent, safeguarding is focused on protecting the wider public from children believed to be ‘risky’, rather than protecting children from harms.

Throughout our report we present case studies that show how real these harms can be and the distress they cause to children and their families and carers.

Over 300 Muslim Scholars call for an investigation of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party

Muslims Scholars Demand Investigation of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party More than 300 British Imam and Muslim Public figure have written a joint letter asking the investigation of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party. While they welcome the investigation initiated by the Conservative Party on Boris Johnson’s comments, a full investigation within the party is required. In total over 1,000 signatures have been collected within 24 hours and include some of the most senior Imams and committee members of significant Mosques. They are concerned with the increase in Islamophobia and state it has become mainstream. The normalisation of hatred against Muslims need challenging and they call upon the Conservative to start an inquiry of their Party. The signatories that included people across England and various schools of thought state, if the Conservative party fails to take action it will signal that Islamophobia is acceptable. Read more

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Baroness Warsi says Islamophobia is rampant in UK Conservative party

One of former prime minister David Cameron’s top officials said to Business Insider on Monday that Islamophobia is rampant in the UK’s Conservative Party. Baroness Warsi, who served as Cameron’s minister without portfolio, told Business Insider: “[Islamophobia] is very widespread [in the Conservative Party]. It exists right from the grassroots, all the way up to the top,” she said. Read more

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Conservatives hoping Islamophobia issue ‘will magically go away’, warns senior party activist

The chairman of the Conservative Party’s own Muslim forum has accused the Tories of failing to root out Islamophobia because they are scared of damaging their own political power. Mohammed Amin said the party does not want to “rock the boat” with a contentious racism probe at a time when it lacks a Commons majority, and instead is hoping the issue “will magically go away”. Read more 

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The Tories haven’t just popularised Islamophobia – they’ve gentrified it

The Conservative party has a problem with Muslims. It is not a few bad apples; not a few social media posts taken out of context. The problem has been growing unchecked for years, despite warnings by Muslim party members, and has now become so normalised that incidents are being reported with alarming frequency. Last week, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) called for an independent inquiry into Islamophobia following more-than-weekly occurrences in the party last month. Read more

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