Prevent Watch

NHS Administrator

Date: January 2015
Gender: Male
Location: Central London

ZX (NHS Administrator) was put in touch with Prevent Watch as he was concerned about PREVENT training he received whilst working as an Administrator at the NHS.

ZX is a British national, 28 years of age and currently working as an Administrator for the NHS. ZX has been working there for the past two years and thoroughly enjoys the work. However, whilst receiving adult-vulnerability training on safeguarding, ZX said he was trained on a section directly on Prevent and signs of radicalisation. He had concerns about this, and wanted to know whether this was lawful or unlawful in relation to implementation of the policy.

ZX made clear that it was a small section, but found it absurd that radicalisation would be trained for all NHS staff. ZX explained that “out of nowhere, we were all trained on a small section of PREVENT”. This included referring patients to PREVENT if there was evident signs of radicalisation. ZX noted ” there were no criteria for extremism or radicalisation in the training”, and was concerned at the risk if he did not refer anyone.

ZX mentioned that he was the only Muslim staff at the hospital being trained, and found it uncomfortable, as the rest of the work force was non-Muslim, and didn’t have any problems with receiving the training on PREVENT. ZX was concerned and questioned why an NHS Administrator would be trained on PREVENT and signs of radicalisation.

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