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suella braverman douglas murray CategoriesNews Report

Middle East Eye: Suella Braverman says Douglas Murray holds ‘perfectly decent views’

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has told the British parliament that a controversial commentator accused of a “record of hate” against Muslims holds “mainstream, insightful and perfectly decent political views”.

CCE robin simcox CategoriesNews Report

State Capture: The CCE as a vehicle for entryism by right-wing think tanks

This piece traces the development of the Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) since 2018 and provides a picture of the state of counter-terror policy in Britain.

birmingham museums prevent extremism faisal hussain CategoriesPrevent Duty in the Arts News Report Prevent Duty in Communities

Birmingham Museums purchases street art challenging Prevent

Birmingham artist Faisal Hussain’s We Must Not Be Extreme is part of an existing series of sculptural works that challenge Prevent, entitled Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects.

law council of australia counter extremism CategoriesNews Report

Law Council of Australia warns government against ‘unnecessary’ proposed counter-extremism laws

The Law Council of Australia has joined civil liberty groups, journalists and advocacy groups to sound the alarm on proposed counter-extremism laws, saying they are unnecessary and may interfere with legitimate dissent.

CCE robin simcox suella braverman CategoriesNews Report

CCE under Simcox returns £1m to Home Office despite ‘rising terror threat’

Almost £1m of unspent funding for counterextremism work has been handed back to the government by the CCE as sources say “no one knows” what the commission does.

sikh lawyers bloom review CategoriesPrevent Duty in Communities News Report

Sikh Lawyers slam Bloom Review as ‘fundamentally flawed’

Sikh lawyers released a report stating that the Bloom Review is fundamentally flawed both in its methodology and in its outcome with respect to the Sikh community.

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Prevent Watch dinner: Dr Layla Aitlhadj on the importance of the People’s Review of Prevent

At the Prevent Watch Annual Update event 2022, Director of Prevent Watch, Dr Layla Aitlhadj, highlighted the importance of the People’s Review of Prevent, especially the wealth of evidence that fed into the review.

Latest Expert Views

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How Prevent harmfully alters crucial trust dynamics in public services

The coupling of public services with Prevent alters the crucial and delicate trust dynamics essential to education and health.

CategoriesOur Expert Views Latest Expert Views

Out of sight out of mind? The harms of unrecorded Prevent referrals

When it comes to Prevent referrals, these three specific and unexceptional case examples illustrate the undocumented impact of Prevent.

prevent protest civil society CategoriesCommunity Expert View Latest Expert Views Our Expert Views

Counter extremism against civil society is having an unintended outcome

When global counter extremism means you can be an ‘extremist’ for political activity in another country, having to confront Prevent while fleeing for safety in the UK will ratchet up its injustice. But an unintended outcome persists.

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