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Evening Standard: MET says Gaza conflict ‘raises risk of terror attacks’

Thanks to the Gaza conflict, London “is facing the risk of attack”, the MET’s counter-terrorism chief told the Evening Standard, while claiming “a substantial jump” in Prevent referrals ahead of official statistics due for release soon.

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Muslim News UK: Why the Liberal Democrats want Prevent scrapped

The UK has become the victim of a series of dangerous assaults on the rule of law, writes Irina von Wiese, Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament, and the starting point was arguably Prevent.

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Palestine uncensored: ‘In a time of monsters, you are the light’ – a teacher’s letter to her students

As part of a Palestine Uncensored blog series at Verso Books, these two letters by a young teacher, who works in a school in London, are addressed to her students and her colleagues and concern Prevent.

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Experts issue warning about Prevent strategy and how it targets children

Experts on the harms of the Prevent strategy have warned about the dangers teenagers face in the education sector thanks to the the “climate of fear” created by Prevent.

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Robin Simcox: A cheerleader for the UK government’s own brand of extremism

CCE chief Robin Simcox should not be regarded as a neutral arbiter of extremism, but rather as a partisan figure within the landscape over which he has been appointed to cast scrutiny.

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Amnesty calls for Prevent strategy to be abolished over ‘human rights abuses’

Amnesty International has called for the abolition of the Prevent strategy, accusing it of severe human rights abuses and of encouraging “thought policing”.

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LIVE: The launch of the PRoP’s Response to the Shawcross Review

Dr Layla Aitlhadj and Prof. John Holmwood introduce the second report from the People’s Review of Prevent (PRoP): A Response to the Shawcross Review of Prevent.

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People’s Review of Prevent: Brief on the Academic Freedom Bill 2023

The People’s Review of Prevent has released a briefing document to the higher education sector that is essential reading given recent events in the Middle East.

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Pushing back against Prevent censorship in the context of Israel-Palestine

New Prevent guidelines for responsible authorities will be severely tested by the fallout from the military actions in Israel-Palestine.

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Shared concerns: Community security in Muslim and Gypsy communities

Increasing assaults on community  security in the UK include the use of Prevent on Muslims, providing interesting common ground with the new Policing Act and its impact on Gypsy communities.

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