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Middle East Eye: Prevent review fulfils dreams of UK’s right wing media

The Shawcross review was applauded by the right wing media, and shows yet again how Muslims are being unfairly targeted in this country.

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The Guardian: UK counter-terrorism report author accused of basing conclusions on ‘handful of cases’

William Shawcross, the counter-terrorism report author of a controversial review into the Prevent strategy has been accused of failing to do his job properly.

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Middle East Eye: Shawcross Prevent review is a dangerous whitewash

The Shawcross Prevent review ignores ‘non-Muslim’ ideological violence, sending a problematic message to the British far-right, writes Dr Layla Aitlhadj.

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The Canary: Human rights groups say Shawcross review ‘doubles down’ on Prevent’s worst parts

Human rights groups have loudly criticised the just-released independent review of Prevent, led by William Shawcross.

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5 Pillars: Shawcross review prompts Muslim organisations to call for Prevent to be scrapped

The William Shawcross review of Prevent has prompted Muslim organisations to call for the controversial strategy to be scrapped.

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Home Office facing libel case from Prevent campaigners

The Home Office’s soon-to-be-released Prevent review has been beset with criticism and boycotts – and one campaign group isn’t taking the review lying down: Prevent Watch.

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Prevent Watch sends legal letter to Home Office over Prevent Strategy Review

Prevent Watch, an organisation which monitors the government’s controversial Prevent strategy, has sent a formal letter to the Home Office warning of legal action.

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The Guardian: Prevent Watch warns Home Office of possible libel action over Prevent strategy review

Prevent Watch, which has supported 600 individuals it says have wrongly been affected by Prevent, sent a formal letter to the Home Office warning of legal action.

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Things to remember about the independent review of Prevent

We’re told that the independent review of Prevent led by William Shawcross is due soon, so here are a few important reminders.

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