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Michaela School suella braverman CategoriesNews Report

Braverman and Birbalsingh: Revisiting the hard-right Tory ties of the Michaela School

In July 2023, Josiah Mortimer and Max Colbert of the Byline Times investigated the financial and ideological links of the Michaela School, to reveal a darling project of the hard right of the Tory party.

young muslims self-censorship CategoriesNews Report Education Resources

Young Muslims self-censoring due to Prevent, writes teacher

As a teacher, I see young Muslims self-censoring in the classroom, especially on issues like Gaza, out of fear of being labelled ‘extremist’ by the government’s counter-terrorism programme, writes Nadeine Asbali  for Hyphen.

children referred to prevent counter-terrorism palestinian activism jewish news CategoriesNews Report

NEU suggests rise in numbers of children referred to Prevent for Palestine badges, stickers

NEU suggests a rise in numbers of children referred to Prevent for wearing pro-Palestinian badges and stickers has risen, according to The Jewish News.

lantern of knowledge CategoriesNews Report

Lantern of Knowledge: How a bungled terror case ruined the career of an outstanding headteacher

Abdullah Keekeebhai was the headteacher of Lantern of Knowledge, a successful independent Islamic school in London, until July 2019, when he was wrongly accused of obstructing a counter-terrorism investigation. Imran Mullah at Middle East Eye investigates.

liberation squares CategoriesNews Report Prevent Duty in the Arts

Riotously funny play ‘Liberation Squares’ takes on Prevent surveillance

‘Liberation Squares’, a play about three young women who undergo a political awakening when they find themselves the target Prevent will start a three-month run across the UK, beginning April 12.

Michael Gove extremism defintion UK CategoriesNews Report

Press TV: Michael Gove defines extremism to weaken pro-Palestine activism

A 25-minute interview with Dr Layla Aitlhadj of Prevent Watch and Chris Williamson examines the implications of a redefinition of extremism by Michael Gove, UK Secretary of State. The main theme that emerges is that Mr. Gove appears to be attempting to invite the “divide and rule” tactic of the former British Empire to weaken the pro-Palestine movement. You can listen to the full interview on Press TV. Related… Prevent is Political: No ‘new defintion of extremism’, just a war on ideas (Expert View, 2024)

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LGBTQ+ prevent strategy uk CategoriesPodcasts Community Resources

The Parental Guidance: ‘Prevented from speaking about ‘LGBTQ+’

Yusuf Patel of the SRE Islam podcast ‘The Parental Guidance’ considers the LGBTQ+ programme and the Prevent strategy, with Dr Laila Aithadj.

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prevent duty united nations CategoriesLatest Expert Views Community Expert View Education Expert View Our Expert Views

Prevent Watch supports call to scrap Prevent at the United Nations

Prevent Watch was at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, in support of Rights and Security International’s (RSI) submission to the Human Rights Committee about Prevent – here’s what we learnt.

new definition of extremism uk CategoriesLatest Expert Views Community Expert View Education Expert View Our Expert Views

A sly move to sanction groups: What the ‘new definition of extremism’ means

Is the UK going to define and ban proscribed groups? Here’s what distinguishes the latest definition of extremism.

new extremism definition CategoriesLatest Expert Views Community Expert View Education Expert View Our Expert Views

Prevent is political: No ‘new definition of extremism’, only a war on ideas

The current media flurry around a ‘new definition of extremism’ is misplaced; there is not, in fact, a new definition, but the political manifestation of a recommendation about the implementation of Prevent by Shawcross.

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