Counter-terror police running secret Prevent database | UK news | The Guardian

Counter-terror police across the UK have been running a secret database containing details of thousands of individuals referred to the government’s controversial anti-radicalisation Prevent programme, the Guardian can reveal.The National Police Prevent Case Management (PCM) [...]

“Extremism” now officially has no meaning at all – 5Pillars

Tahirah Amatullah of CAGE argues that politicians have rendered the term “extremist” completely redundant. When politicians began calling one another “extremists” – that career-destroying word previously used to sort the “good Muslims” from the “bad Muslims” [...]

The Tories are about to launch an empty investigation into Islamophobia – don’t fall for their meaningless promises | The Independent

During the Conservative leadership election, all candidates committed to holding a specific inquiry into Islamophobia. This was welcomed across the board. I too was hopeful. But on Tuesday, Boris Source: The Tories are about to [...]

NUS head pulls out of Tory conference over ‘disturbing Islamophobia’ | News | The Guardian

President says event focused on Islamophobia definition rather than bigotry faced by Muslims The leader of the National Union of Students has pulled out of engagements at the Conservative party conference in protest at what she said [...]

‘Large increase in anti-Bosnian, anti-Muslim bigotry’: Report | Bosnia | Al Jazeera

Serb and Croat politicians are increasingly using Islamophobic rhetoric with aim of dividing Bosnia, says new report. Islamophobic rhetoric at the political level, which at its peak in the 1990s Bosnian War played a significant [...]

How Whitehall Secretly Weaponises ‘Inspirational’ Online Content for Counter-Terror Purposes – Sputnik International

SuperSisters, a “global platform for young Muslims in East London to share and create inspiring and empowering content”, has been exposed as a covert government counter-extremism project funded by the Home Office’s controversial Building a [...]

Prevent review branded ‘superficial’ as past decisions overlooked | UK news | The Guardian

Inquiry into anti-radicalisation programme will only look at present and future proposals The independent review into the anti-radicalisation programme Prevent has been branded “strange” and “superficial” after it emerged it will exclude all past decisions from its [...]

Home Office counter-terror programme secretly funded lifestyle website for Muslim teenage girls | Daily Mail Online

An online lifestyle website for Britain's Muslim teenage girls is being covertly funded by the Home Office's counter-extremism programme.The website was started independently in 2015 in the wake of Shamima Begum's departure to Syria along [...]

“We acknowledge we went wrong”: Lifestyle website for Muslim teens admits it should have been clearer about Home Office funding | UK news | The Guardian

SuperSisters employee resigns and recruit turns down job because of website’s links to counter-extremism strategy A Muslim online lifestyle platform targeting British teenagers is discreetly funded by the Home Office’s counter-extremism programme, the Observer has learned. The [...]

Top Counter Terror Police Officer uses platform in Netanyahu’s Israel to promote the toxic PREVENT policy – CAGE

London – Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu damaged the credibility of the Police by promoting the toxic PREVENT programme and demonstrating a deeply […] London – Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu damaged the credibility of the Police [...]

Home Office ends £2.5m contract with couple paid to deradicalise jihadi brides | Daily Mail Online

The Home Office has pulled the plug on its contract with a firm paid millions of pounds to deradicalise jihadi brides returning Syria following bullying and excessive profit claims. The Home Office has ended its [...]

Beyond Prevent: Towards a society without counter-extremism | Middle East Eye

New report should begin key discussions on how to move beyond the fallaciousness of counter-terrorism policy I recently attended the launch of the Transnational Institute report “Leaving the War on Terror: A Progressive Alternative to Counter-Terrorism Policy” at [...]

Muslim-American group hails ‘historic’ ruling against terror watchlist | Middle East Eye

Judge rules against government database, which Council on American-Islamic Relations says is discriminatory against Muslims Hassan Shibly says he has never been happier in his life. The Florida-based Muslim-American lawyer has been interrogated and made to [...]

‘Significant spike’ in Islamophobia after Boris Johnson’s comments on burkas | UK News | Sky News

There has been a "significant spike" in Islamophobic incidents following Boris Johnson's comparison between women in burkas and letterboxes, according to an anti-racism group.Tell MAMA reported a 375% increase in anti-Muslim incidents from the week [...]

NHS reports protester to Prevent for joining Extinction Rebellion | UK news | The Guardian

Lyn Jenkins was visited by police after being reported to counter-terrorism programme A retired doctor who took part in non-violent environmental protests was visited by police at his home after his local NHS trust reported him to [...]

Prevent programme used to spy on Muslims – The Muslim NewsThe Muslim News

The appointment of cross-bench peer Lord Carlile to lead an independent review of the Prevent programme has been slammed Home Office mentors are gathering information on their clients in supposed “confidential” de-radicalisation meetings and sharing [...]

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