Schools are ‘massive’ referrer to St Helens’ anti-radicalisation programme | St Helens Star

SCHOOLS in St Helens are increasingly flagging up concerns that pupils may be in danger of being radicalised, a council meeting has heard. Source: Schools are 'massive' referrer to St Helens' anti-radicalisation programme | St [...]

Non-violent groups on UK counter-terror list threaten legal action | Environment | The Guardian

Peaceful protest groups listed in a counter-terrorism guide used as part of anti-extremism briefings are threatening legal action unless it is withdrawn.The Guardian revealed on Friday that Greenpeace, Peta and other non-violent groups were listed [...]

UK: Prevent review ‘will go ahead’ following concerns by rights groups | Middle East Eye

Conservative party pledges to review counter-terrorism strategy facing renewed criticism from Muslim community The British government said it will continue its review of the controversial Prevent strategy amid concerns by rights groups that the Conservative Party was [...]

Government terror adviser warns ‘no magic test’ to stop reoffending | UK news | The Guardian

The government’s adviser on terror legislation has warned that there is “no magic test” to determine the risks posed by a terrorist on release from prison, in further criticism of recently announced proposals to examine [...]

Counter-terrorism policy is a threat to democracy | Letters | Politics | The Guardian

Letters: Campaign groups including CND and Greenpeace UK call for the rescinding of an anti-extremism briefing document in which they were named, while Joe Sim says branding activism as subversive is nothing new. Plus, letters [...]

Early release to be scrapped for violent and sexual offenders | Politics | The Guardian

Serious violent and sexual offenders will no longer automatically be released halfway through their sentences under government plans introduced on Wednesday.A greater focus has been placed on automatic release since last November’s London Bridge attack, [...]

Prevent programme must be abolished in order to tackle politically motivated violence, say experts | The Canary

Britain’s controversial surveillance/counter-extremism Prevent programme has come under fire once more, this time from over 100 academics, researchers, and campaigners calling on the government to radically overhaul its approach to tackling politically motivated violence.The Network for [...]

Counter terror police: Muslims who say they’re oppressed could be extremists – 5Pillars

Counter terror police in south-east England have issued official guidance suggesting that “Muslims who believe they are oppressed” could be a sign of extremism. The Metro reports that they issued a 12-page document titled “Safeguarding young [...]

‘We are not neo-Nazis’: Anti-arms group placed on UK’s counter-terror watch list | Middle East Eye

An anti-arms group that has campaigned for Britain to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia has been placed on a controversial counter-extremism watch list that is used by British police to identify potential extremists. The [...]

Greenpeace included with neo-Nazis on UK counter-terror list | UK news | The Guardian

A counter-terrorism police document distributed to medical staff and teachers as part of anti-extremism briefings included Greenpeace, Peta and other non-violent groups as well as neo-Nazis, the Guardian has learned. The guide, produced by Counter Terrorism [...]

Free speech & the law: Counter Terrorism – Index on Censorship Index on Censorship

Counter-terrorism laws seek to address the application of "violence for political ends". It is the "political ends" element that makes these laws interact so frequently with free expression rights, as the law tries to clamp [...]

‘End Prevent’: UK government faces new calls to drop counter-terrorism strategy | Middle East Eye

The British government is facing fresh calls to abolish its Prevent strategy amid uncertainty over the future of its own suspended review of the contentious counter-terrorism programme.More than 100 academics, activists and public figures opposed [...]

‘How dare they’ – Extinction Rebellion responds to terrorism slur by Police – Extinction Rebellion

How dare they. Children up and down the country are desperately fighting for a future. Teachers, grandparents, nurses have been trying their best with loving nonviolence to get politicians and big business to do something [...]

Non-violent protesters are not terrorists and it’s time the police accepted that | Kevin Blowe | Opinion | The Guardian

riti Patel probably thought she was helping when she tried to defend counter-terrorism police from the condemnation that followed last week’s story in the Guardian revealing the inclusion of Extinction Rebellion (XR) in a guide [...]

Police recall guidance listing ‘Muslim beliefs’ as signs of extremism | Metro News

Counter terror police are recalling official guidance which suggested that ‘Muslims who believe they are oppressed’ could be a sign of extremism.Human rights groups condemned the 12-page document produced by counter terrorism police in south-east [...]

Branding Extinction Rebellion a terror risk is a dangerous leap | London Evening Standard

I find myself facing a crisis of civic conscience. According to guidance issued by counter-terrorism police in the South-East last November as part of the Prevent counter-extremist strategy, I should Source: Branding Extinction Rebellion a [...]

Home Office proposes offence of possessing terrorist propaganda | UK news | The Guardian

A new offence relating to possession of terrorist propaganda that glorifies or encourages extremism could be introduced to toughen up UK anti-terror laws. The Home Office said it was considering fresh legislation in response to the Prevention of [...]

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