UK venues could face legal duty to provide protection from terrorism | Politics | The Guardian

Home Office to consult on plan affecting owners of concert halls and shopping centres The owners and operators of businesses and public spaces such as concert halls, shopping centres and parks will be legally bound [...]

Revealed: how teachers could unwittingly trigger counter-terror inquiries | UK news | The Guardian

Exclusive: leaked document shows Prevent strategy is more about monitoring extremists than safeguarding the vulnerable, campaigners say Teachers, doctors and other public-sector workers could unwittingly spark counter-terrorism inquiries when they seek advice about the government’s [...]

Environment and animal rights activists being referred to Prevent programme | UK news | The Guardian

Types of ‘concerns’ identified include far-left and anti-Isis extremism, FoI request reveals Environmental and animal rights activists have been referred to the government’s controversial anti-radicalisation programme, the Home Office has admitted. Responding to a freedom [...]

Rebecca Long-Bailey vows to make it Labour policy to scrap Prevent | Politics | The Guardian

Leadership candidate says anti-extremism programme has alienated Britain’s Muslims Rebecca Long-Bailey has vowed to make it Labour policy to scrap the anti-extremism programme Prevent if she is elected to replace Jeremy Corbyn as party leader. The [...]

Glasgow St Pauli fans demand club’s removal from police counter-terrorism guide – Glasgow Live

MP Patrick Grady has written to the Home Secretary, questioning the football club's inclusion in the document alongside far-right and extremist groups such as Scottish Dawn and Britain First. Glasgow football fans have hit out after [...]

Sayeeda Warsi accuses government of ‘hypocrisy’ over Islamophobia | Metro News

A former minister in the Conservative Party has accused the government of ‘hypocrisy’ after its refusal to adopt a definition of Islamophobia drawn up by an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). Baroness Sayeeda Warsi who was [...]

Students’ university essays reported to police under ‘overzealous’ government counter-terror measures | The Independent

Students have had their university essays investigated by police and faced questioning by staff under government counter-terror measures, The Independent can reveal. Campaigners and experts warn that free speech is being stifled on campus and trust destroyed because of the [...]

Father of Jack Letts ‘cannot get psychological care’ because of Prevent | Middle East Eye

The father of a British man being held among suspected Islamic State members in Syria has told Middle East Eye that he has been unable to access confidential psychiatric treatment because of the Prevent Duty. John [...]

Prevent and Countering Violent Extremism usher in ‘whole society’ surveillance | openDemocracy

In the aftermath of Sudesh Amman’s attacks in London on February 2, the Evening Standard London ran as its frontpage an appeal from Counter-terror police chiefs, calling for the public to take a more active role [...]

Ministers refuse to reveal how many extremists they have stripped of British citizenship | The Independent

The government has refused to reveal how many people have been deprived of their British citizenship in the past two years after dramatically increasing its use of controversial powers to prevent the return of Isis members. The number of [...]

Outrage at the Prevent policy should not be exclusively reserved for Extinction Rebellion | Varsity

In light of Extinction Rebellion being labelled as an extremist ideology, student campaigner Stella Swain argues that much of the outrage surrounding this is misplaced Earlier this month, The Guardian revealed that the climate campaign [...]

Police Scotland sent out guide listing Extinction Rebellion with neo-Nazis | UK news | The Guardian

Guide listing environment protest groups alongside white supremacists had been widely condemned Scottish counter-terrorism officers sent out a controversial guide listing Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace alongside neo-Nazi groups within the past few weeks, despite widespread condemnation of [...]

Terror police’s Extinction Rebellion ‘risk report’ sent out a year ago | Environment | The Guardian

  Police say Rising Up report was commissioned as group had a ‘large following’ and concluded XR was not a threat Counter-terrorism chiefs ordered a formal assessment of whether Extinction Rebellion was a national security threat one [...]

Government to be challenged in court over Prevent reviewer | UK news | The Guardian

Legal action from Rights Watch (UK) comes amid spate of terror attacks in London The government’s failure to appoint an independent reviewer of its Prevent strategy and assess the controversial de-radicalisation programme’s effectiveness is to be challenged in [...]

UK may bypass human rights convention to rush through terror laws | UK news | The Guardian

Ministers want to ban terrorists from being released early in wake of London attacks Britain could temporarily separate itself from the European convention on human rights (ECHR) in order to push through emergency laws on [...]

Cycling advocacy group listed alongside extremist groups on counter-terror list | The Independent

A cycling advocacy group has appeared alongside Nazi iconography and proscribed groups in a compilation of signs and symbols put together by counter-terror policing. Critical Mass, a cycle safety and advocacy group which originated from San Francisco, campaigns for [...]

Priti Patel’s plan to tackle radicalised youth is so flawed it’s mad, says study | Politics | The Guardian

A Home Office-funded study into tackling radicalisation among young people has concluded that the approach being pushed through by the home secretary, Priti Patel, is so flawed that it is “madness”.Instead the research, which will [...]

Schools are ‘massive’ referrer to St Helens’ anti-radicalisation programme | St Helens Star

SCHOOLS in St Helens are increasingly flagging up concerns that pupils may be in danger of being radicalised, a council meeting has heard. Source: Schools are 'massive' referrer to St Helens' anti-radicalisation programme | St [...]

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