Teaching material calling for end of capitalism banned from schools as ministers brand it ‘extreme’ | The Independent

Schools have been banned from using teaching material that calls for the end of capitalism because it is an “extreme political stance”, sparking criticism. New guidance puts groups wanting to replace the economic system on a [...]

Boy who was referred to Prevent over misinformed ‘terror concerns’ wins case against Met Police | Asian Image

An aspiring doctor who was referred to Prevent over “misinformed” claims that he was “obsessed” with killing David Cameron must have his personal data deleted by the Metropolitan Police, the High Court has ruled. The [...]

Countering Violent Extremism in the Trump Era | Brennan Center for Justice

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs have a long and troubled history, from before and including the Obama White House. These programs unfairly target Muslim and minority communities as inherently susceptible to terrorism. They conflate community [...]

Exclusive: Muslim Medics Taunted About Bacon And Alcohol – By Their Own NHS Colleagues | HuffPost UK

Muslim NHS workers have told HuffPost UK how Islamophobia is rife in the organisation, with their own colleagues making disgraceful comments and denying them opportunities to progress or even socialise. We teamed up with the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) [...]

Prevent doesn’t stop students being radicalised. It just reinforces Islamophobia | Universities | The Guardian

The UK government has long maintained that radicalisation is a problem in universities and that Prevent, the national counter-terror programme, is an essential means of tackling it. Yet recently the Office for Students reported very little [...]

Prevent reinforces stereotypes and leads Muslim students to self-censor: Report | Middle East Eye

A new study has revealed that the UK government's Prevent counterterrorism strategy has reinforced negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims and caused students to self-censor their views on campus. According to a study published on Monday by SOAS University of [...]

Prevent reinforces negative views of Islam and Muslims – new report says – About Manchester

The UK Government’s counter-terrorism Prevent strategy has reinforced negative stereotypes of Muslims and has encouraged ‘a culture of mutual suspicion and surveillance’ on university campuses, says a new report out today. The UK government has [...]

British counterterrorism bill takes the country further down a dangerous road | Middle East Eye

Although Britain’s Counterterrorism and Sentencing Bill recently passed its second reading in parliament, there has been little attention paid to the implications of its dangerous proposals. Even more concerning is that it has been pushed through at a [...]

People with mental health problems are more likely to be referred to government’s counterterrorism programme | The BMJ

People with mental health problems are more likely to be reported by the NHS to Prevent, the government’s counterterrorism strategy, a report has found.1Research by health charity Medact found that a disproportionate number of referrals [...]

As Priti Patel quietly expands Prevent, let’s talk about why we should be defunding it instead | The Independent

With thousands on the streets for Black Lives Matter and increased attention on policing, there was a quiet announcement over the weekend that Priti Patel, the home secretary, was expanding the government’s Prevent programme in its largest shakeup since 2003. Part of [...]

Mental health may be ‘significant factor’ in NHS referrals to Prevent | Prevent strategy | The Guardian

Mental health appears to be a significant factor behind referrals from the NHS to Prevent, the government’s controversial anti-radicalisation programme, a UK-based medical charity says. In an 18-month study, researchers at Medact found that a [...]

Priti Patel defies her critics to expand Prevent anti-terror drive | Daily Mail Online

The Home Secretary is planning ‘root and branch’ reform of the Government’s controversial deradicalisation programme amid fears that large areas of the country are dangerously unprotected from extremists. In the biggest shake-up of the Prevent strategy since [...]

Why the UK government should not be allowed to define Islamophobia | Middle East Eye

A government that enshrines a double standard of suspicion against Islam in its legislation should not be trusted to protect this religion through a legal definition Having spent three years alerting my colleagues to the [...]

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