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IHRC: Prevent is putting religious intolerance at the heart of policy

4 Oct 2022 – Prof. John Holmwood argues that David Cameron’s ‘muscular liberalism’ as done away with multiculturalism and constructed a notion of ‘British values’ that scapegoats ethnic minorities by presuming they share none of these values.

This has huge implications for education, since it has been injected into schools via the academies (and free schools) programme which removed schools from local authority control and was actively promoted by Policy Exchange and pursued Michael Gove.

The requirement to promote ‘fundamental British values’ that is part of Prevent is incorporated under Section 78 of the Education Act 2002, which means that the moral and spiritual development of children is now subordinated to a national security agenda.

Source: The British Government’s Prevent strategy: Putting religious intolerance at the heart of policy – IHRC

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