What is Prevent?

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In 2015, the Counterterrorism and Security Act passed into law. Section 29 of this Act is known as the ‘Prevent Duty’. The Prevent Duty placed a legal responsibility on schools, nurseries, universities, healthcare providers and the social care sector to have ‘due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.’  The

What is Wrong with Prevent?

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Prevent is a failed and counter-productive policy based on flawed science which was never meant to be used on such a wide scale. Over 140 experts signed an open letter criticising the science from which the "risk factors" used in Prevent derive. Prevent is based on a flawed understanding of ‘radicalisation’ and is focused on ideology rather than other

Who is against Prevent?

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Many people, organisations and bodies have spoken out against Prevent, below are just a few examples: The Joint Committee on Human Rights has called for an independent review of Prevent in its report on the new Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill to which Prevent Watch also submitted evidence. National Union of Teachers have called for Prevent strategy

Prevent Myths: Terrace House & Cucumber Cases

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Prevent criticism is consistently dismissed by Prevent leads and practitioners as ‘myths’, even with a number of cases showing that the policy is flawed and Islamophobic. Two cases they often highlight are 'Terrorist House' case and 'Cucumber' case - both are detailed on our website and we recommend you read and judge for yourself. These

Prevent is Voluntary?

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Prevent is described as being voluntary yet evidence shows that coercive tactics are being used in implementing Prevent. Individuals are often not informed that engagement with Prevent is voluntary and feel that they have no choice but to engage with Prevent. Simon Cole has said that Prevent is ‘voluntary’ but if individuals do not cooperate

Prevent is Safeguarding?

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Prevent is falsely being masked around the language of ‘safeguarding’: Recent research has shown that Prevent in fact is not safeguarding at all. Safeguarding experts, doctors and social workers among others have criticised the Prevent duty stating it is not their role to do the police’s work and act as counter-terrorism operatives. Similarly, the 2-hour Prevent (WRAP) training has

Prevent is Racist and Islamiaphobic?

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The majority of the people being referred to Prevent are Muslim. Over 65%, of the referrals were Muslims (2016), including nearly 2,000 Muslim children, whilst the Muslim population of the UK is less than 5%. There is clearly a disproportionate focus on Muslims for which there has been no accountability. A significant portion of the Prevent funding has gone

Prevent Statistics

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Statistics were long overdue and demonstrate the lack of transparency with Prevent. The statistics were released by the Home Office for 2016 and 2017 these showed a number of issues: Over 7,631 people were referred to Prevent in 2015-16 95% of the referrals did not require any intervention and were therefore false referrals Over 65% of

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