The UK government’s Prevent initiative has been responsible for some of the worst injustices against Muslim communities across the UK. Thousands of innocent children, women and young men have been unfairly targeted.

Most of them are Muslim, thanks to the Islamophobic nature of Prevent. Lives have been destroyed, families and communities split and careers ended, with little regard to facts or justice.

With your support, Prevent Watch stands as a beacon of hope for hundreds of people, including children, facing challenges due to Prevent.

Prevent Watch has been supporting people and combating this insidious agenda since 2015.

We operate independently, and do not receive any government funding.

Our work is only possible through your support.

“Today, we stand at a critical juncture. The situation is becoming increasingly dire, with Prevent threatening to impact more people. Your immediate support can make a difference.”

Dr Layla Aitlhadj – Director at Prevent Watch

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"I felt trapped and voiceless, struggling under the weight of a situation I couldn't navigate alone. Thanks to Prevent Watch, I regained my confidence and my voice. They didn't just offer help; they empowered me to stand up for my rights."