Declassified UK: London’s Counter Terror Expo – a hotbed of pro-Israel paranoia

Counter-Terror Expo London

At the Counter-Terror Expo in Docklands London, security and defence salespeople boasted about Prevent’s “early intervention successes” and arrests of protestors amid pro-Israeli “paranoia”. Matt Broomfield writes about how the security industry is reaping profit from pro-Palestine protests.

Britain’s largest gathering of counter-terrorism experts assembled in London last month to discuss what one police chief called “legal but harmful protest” following Israel’s war on Gaza.

Inside a cavernous Docklands conference hall, companies at the Counter Terror Expo displayed gas mask-clad dummies and crowd control systems as enthusiastic AI reps promised revolutionary advances in surveillance.

Tools for hacking phones with “brute force”, monitoring someone’s emotional state based on their social media and rapidly digesting the contents of an “acquired” computer were all up for sale.

When delegates weren’t browsing spyware or sipping craft beer with a £12 “world food” meal deal, they could listen to the security industry’s leading lights.

These included detective chief superintendent Maria Lovegrove who runs Britain’s Prevent strategy against radicalisation. She trumpeted 53 arrests for terrorism offences since October 7.

Only one of these was for violence. The rest concerned social media posts or attending gatherings.

Asked whether this data suggests police are overreacting to peaceful pro-Palestine protests, Lovegrove valorised an “early intervention” approach.

She told Declassified this was the “greatest tool in preventing terror attacks” and insisted officers “only arrest and prosecute when we have to.”

Among those arrests were three women found guilty for wearing paraglider stickers at a protest.

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