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New report on Henry Jackson Society and others reveal their threat to democracy

 A new report entitled The Henry Jackson Society: The Threat to British Democracy Caused by Security Think Tanks explores the impact that security think tanks are having on societal cohesion in the UK. Authored by authored by Richard McNiel-Wilson (European University Institute), Rob Faure Walker (University College London) and Isobel Ingham-Barrow (University of Exeter), the report highlights links between such groups and the British and international far Right. In doing so, they combine with patterns of divisive and agenda-driven reports based in impoverished methodologies to shape UK policy and political discourse for the worse. Such groups have caused concern amongst numerous equalities, community, and faith groups and are cited as enabling and encouraging Islamophobia and racism, facilitating far-Right mobilisation, and pushing successive UK governments towards policy positions that damage societal cohesion. You can read the full report here: The_Threat_to_British-Democracy.pdf

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The latest Prevent Review is a political charade, we must boycott it

The UK government’s latest review of its Prevent strategy is not only a political facade but a trojan horse to expand the programme. We must be united in our call for disengagement from it, and to demand nothing less than Prevent’s abolishment, argues Na’eem Ibn Farooq. UK communities targeted by the Government’s Prevent counter-terrorism strategy have expressed dismay at its latest proposed ‘review’. It is not hard to see why. This ‘review’ is an expensive and wasteful exercise, a piece of political theatre. Indeed, previous ‘reviews’ and revisions have been little more than vehicles for bolstering Prevent’s arsenal of tactics, thus serving to extend and deepen the policy’s reach and harm. Since 2006, when it was first promoted as a deradicalisation ‘fund’, the Prevent strategy has undergone several mutations, all consistently aimed at criminalising Muslims and disrupting dissent. Rather than genuinely keeping us safe, Prevent’s core function is to effectively […]

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Government appoints Prevent advocate Lord Carlile to lead its ‘independent’ review

The British government has appointed Lord Carlile as its new ‘independent’ reviewer of the contentious counter-extremism strategy known as Prevent. The appointment of Lord Carlile as the lead investigator is in fact a re-appointment, as he was the same reviewer who approved of the Government’s failed strategy in 2011. Critics have suggested that the entire process of supposedly reviewing the strategy is a step towards legitimising Prevent. According to security minister Brandon Lewis, Lord Carlile “brings a wealth of experience and skills to this role. As the former Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, he showed independence and rigour and I am pleased he has agreed to lead this review.” Many have stated that there is nothing independent nor transparent about appointing an investigator who supports Prevent. Lord Carlile has even propagated the programme’s discriminatory practices, making clear his stance on the policy multiple times and even making suggestions on increasing […]

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MI5’s use of personal data was ‘unlawful’, says watchdog

The Investigatory Powers Commissioner said Mi5 kept personal data gathered under warrants, kept it too long and did not store it safely, and that the security service handled large amounts of personal data in an “undoubtedly unlawful” way. Civil rights group Liberty said the breaches involved the “mass collection of data of innocent citizens”. The high court heard MI5 knew about the issues in 2016 but kept them secret. “MI5 have been holding on to people’s data – ordinary people’s data, your data, my data – illegally for many years,” said Megan Goulding, a lawyer for Liberty, which brought the case. “Not only that, they’ve been trying to keep their really serious errors secret – secret from the security services watchdog, who’s supposed to know about them, secret from the Home Office, secret from the prime minister and secret from the public.” Read more on the BBC.

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Home Office urged to release left-wing extremism report

The Home Office is facing calls to release a report on left0wing extremism called Left-wing Activism and Extremism in the UK, which has been prepared by its Extremism Analysis Unit (EAU). Jenny Jones, one of several politicians and activists whose inclusion on a domestic extremist database previously caused a furore, are among those expressing concerns about the report. This is after its existence was revealed by a freedom of information request by the Guardian. Jones said: “Over the past decade, the police have become more and more confused about their duty to facilitate peaceful protest and are prone to see any disruption as extremist. The Met police put me on their domestic extremist database for years, when I was a member of their own oversight body, the Police Authority and deputy mayor of London,” said Jones. Read more at the Guardian.