Survey: The Education Sector & Government Policies

2019-08-16T17:56:40+00:00 August 16th, 2019|Prevent in the News|

This questionnaire is part of a doctoral research project by Max Weedon at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Full details about this project can be found on the information sheet attached to this survey here. The aim of this questionnaire is to find out more about the views of education professionals regarding

Review of Prevent counter-extremism scheme risks becoming ‘whitewash’, government warned

2019-08-16T17:53:51+00:00 August 16th, 2019|Prevent in the News|

A review of the controversial Prevent counter-extremism programme is at risk of becoming a “whitewash”, the government has been warned. The Home Office announced an assessment of the scheme in January, after years of dismissing human rights concerns and resisting persistent calls to overhaul it. In a letter to the new security minister Brandon Lewis

The counter-terror chief wants help from sociologists. My findings? Britain must ditch its ruinous foreign policy

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This week the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner, Neil Basu, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer, spoke candidly about the ineffectiveness of existing policy, particularly the Government’s Prevent programme, the strand of counterterrorism that aims to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. Basu emphasised the need for counterterrorism to be underpinned by a broader policy agenda

Counter-terror chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism

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Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has said the police and security services are no longer enough to win the fight against violent extremism, and the UK must instead improve community cohesion, social mobility and education. In his first major interview since taking up his post last year, the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner Neil Basu told


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From Georgetown University, this is Voices on Islamophobia, a podcast by The Bridge Initiative. I’m Mobashra Tazamal. Today I sat down with Dr. Tarek Younis to discuss Prevent, which is one of the four components of the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism strategy. The policy aims to prevent vulnerable individuals from becoming terrorists. It claims that there

Why is Sajid Javid so rattled by Cage?

2019-08-02T11:35:50+00:00 August 2nd, 2019|Prevent in the News|

Last Friday, the UK's former home secretary Sajid Javid, who was appointed on Wednesday as chancellor in Boris Johnson's new cabinet, delivered a speech at a London community centre in which he attacked several Muslim organisations using the “extremism” label. In today’s world, that is hardly unusual, since the term “extremism” has become broad and

From capturing bodies to capturing minds. Why the UK’s attempt to tell us that Prevent is ‘safeguarding’ will fail.

2019-08-02T11:32:40+00:00 August 2nd, 2019|Prevent in the News|

Prevent is the UK government’s counter-extremism strategy. It requires public sector workers to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. Those assessed to be ‘at risk’ or ‘vulnerable’ to ‘extremism’ can be referred to Prevent. The policy was first introduced in 2006 by the then Labour government. Under

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