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Have you heard of Prevent? Stripped back to its bare bones, Prevent is based on a conveyor belt theory. It identifies three stages that lead to acts of terrorism; the first being extremism. This means having staunch unwavering views, a bit like most of the world; those of faith and atheists alike. These extremist views will lead

Thinking Through Prevent Workshop

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This event is aimed at anyone who has experienced ethical dilemmas in relation to the PREVENT Strategy. This might be as someone who has been referred under PREVENT, as a teacher, medical professional, academic or anyone else who has come into contact with this controversial strategy. The PREVENT Strategy is a recent concern of many

Leeds asks Home Office for funds to tackle extremism

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Vital Projects to ward vulnerable Leeds youngsters away from the threat of radicalisation could gain hundreds of thousands of pounds in Government funding. Leeds City Council has named 10 organisations it wants to receive Home Office support to build critical thinking skills and give young people “an ability to refute extremist messages and ideology” during

LA mayor turns down $425K in federal funding to counter violent extremism after opposition from civil rights groups stalls process

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office has turned down a $425,000 federal grant to counter violent extremism after a wave of opposition from civil rights organizations, which said the program would target and vilify Muslims. Garcetti’s office, which was to administer the grant after securing City Council approval, told the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday

Pressure on British Muslim parents to counter extremism is damaging

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Pressure on British Muslim parents to counter extremism in their own families is having a detrimental effect, according to new research by Manchester academic Madeline-Sophie Abbas. Young Muslims have come under intense public scrutiny due to their perceived vulnerability to radicalisation. The Prevent counter-terrorism strategy has placed increased responsibility on parents to police their children,

Over 300 Muslim Scholars call for an investigation of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party

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Muslims Scholars Demand Investigation of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party More than 300 British Imam and Muslim Public figure have written a joint letter asking the investigation of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party. While they welcome the investigation initiated by the Conservative Party on Boris Johnson’s comments, a full investigation within the party is required.

Joint Statement: Commission for Countering Extremism

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A number of academics including Rob Faure Walker (University College London and PREVENT Digest) have launched a joint statement expressing their concern with the Commission for Countering Extremism. Amongst the signatories are Dr Tarek Younis (UCL & British Academy Fellow), Tom Smith (Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Portsmouth), Lee Jasper (Fmr Policing Director

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