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Prevent and the Pre-Crime State: How unaccountable data sharing is harming a generation

This report by Open Rights Group, supported by Prevent Watch, reveals the extent of unaccountable data sharing through Prevent through real cases and analysing responses to freedom of information requests – and the potential harms of this on a generation of young people.

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Middle East Eye: Data on children referred to Prevent could be held their entire lives

Information about children referred to Prevent could be held on databases for decades and potentially for the rest of their lives, digital rights campaigners have warned in a new report.

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The Guardian: William Shawcross says public left ‘at risk’ over Prevent

William Shawcross, the author of a controversial review of Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy, claims the public have been left “at risk” because many of his key recommendations have been ignored by the Home Office, reports The Guardian.

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Interfaith charity to close as Gove withholds funding over Muslim trustee

A 37-year-old interfaith charity has said it is preparing for “imminent closure” as levelling up secretary Michael Gove considers withdrawing funding over concerns regarding one of its trustees, a former deputy secretary general of MCB, reports Civil Society.

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Police failed to record race statistics for Prevent in nearly two-thirds of referrals

Police in England and Wales failed to record the race statistics for Prevent of nearly two-thirds of people referred, despite questions over whether Prevent discriminates against minority ethnic groups.

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Prevent in immigration will deepen state violence to migrant communities

Shawcross’s recommendation to apply to Prevent in immigration relies upon one flawed assumption among many that he makes in his review, and will further divide and destabilise UK society.

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