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Prevent has been described as toxic, racist, Islamaphobic and creating a them-and-us culture within society. The Government has attempted to give Prevent a veneer of legitimacy by expressing it in the language of ‘safeguarding’.

We believe that Prevent has failed not only as a strategy but also the very communities it seeks to protect.

  • Children have been the target for Prevent referrals

  • The public sector have become part of the ‘security state’

  • The Muslim community has become the ‘suspect community’

  • Prevent has had a ‘chilling’ effect on open debate and free speech

We at Prevent Watch support people impacted by the Prevent Duty. Since the duty has become legislation we have supported hundreds of cases.


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Public Statments


Royal College of Psychiatrists London: Counter-terrorism and psychiatry

Predicting very rare events is extremely difficult. No tools have been developed that can reliably identify people who have been radicalised, who are at risk of radicalisation or who are likely to carry out a terrorist act. Assessment of risk is therefore best done on a case-by-case basis, as part of professional safeguarding practices. Read More >>


National Union of Teachers (now National Education Union)

Prevent reinforces an ‘us’ and ‘them’ view of the world which divides communities and sows mistrust of British Muslims. It should be replaced by strategies based on dialogue, transparency and openness. Read More >>

BMA is urged to back doctors who refuse to take part in government’s Prevent programme

The British Medical Association agreed a motion to support any members who refuse to take part in the Prevent training scheme. Doctors said the obligations on them were “Orwellian” “Kafka-esque” and “like a scene from Minority Report” – claiming the measures were creating “a climate of fear and mistrust”. Read More >>

waltham forest

Waltham Forest Council of Mosques boycotts ‘racist’ anti-terror Prevent programme

In a public statement, the groups of mosques that represents up to 70,000 Muslims, has vowed to boycott the government’s anti-terrorism Prevent programme after accusing the policy of being a racist attack on the Islamic community. Read More >>

Karen Armstrong

Academics criticise anti-radicalisation strategy in open letter

360 leading Professors, Academics, professionals in Terrorism and community leaders call for an end on Prevent including: Karen Armstrong, Professor Marc Sageman, Professor Noam Chomsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Professor Humayun Ansari (Royal Holloway, University of London), Professor David Miller (University of Bath) and many more. Read More >>


Prevent programme ‘spying on our young people’, say east London imams

In a statement, religious and community leaders in Newham – who regularly draw thousands of locals into their mosques – warn that the schemes are “exclusively targeting young Muslims for the views they hold on religion or issues such as government foreign policy”. Read More >>


Prevent Watch seminar highlights the stigmatisation of Muslim children and parents talked about life after a Prevent referral.

February 2016 | Friends House | London

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We are supported by the community to serve the community. We are not government funded and rely on the community to support our work.

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