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We have supported nearly 600 individuals to challenge Prevent, and each of our cases is unique. The support we provide you is based on our diverse cases experience, and tailored for your needs and context. 

Each year thousands of people are referred to Prevent, the vast majority of whom are under 15 years of age. 

Prevent Watch provides a FREE help line and support services for people who have experienced such referrals or have been impacted by Prevent in some way. 




This includes young people who have been threatened with Prevent, or people who work in the public services and feel that Prevent is damaging and unworkable.

Our help line and support are strictly confidential. However, some of our clients want to tell their stories to the public, believing that in doing so, they will help others.  

These form part of our media advocacy and research. Any publication or interaction with the media is only done with your wholehearted consent and in a manner that is right for you.  

From the Community 

Prevent officers visited a mother at home 3-4 times a month regarding her eldest son, who was studying for his A-levels. After messaging her son daily, Prevent officers had on one occasion taken him to an ice-cream parlour, to speak to him about Islam, ideology and political issues related to the Islamic state.”  

Please visit our Prevent in Communities page.

From the Health Sector 

“A 28-year-old member of the NHS came forward in 2016, reporting serious concerns about having to undergo Prevent training, and wanting to know if it was lawful or unlawful to train NHS staff in reporting signs of radicalisation’ in patients, which he said had happened ‘out of nowhere.”  

Please visit our Prevent in Health page.

Case Videos

The scripts below are not necessarily in our clients’ own voices, but each client has approved their scripts before we released them. 

In cases where audio has been taken secretly – for example, during a Prevent interview – we have carefully weighed the public interest and the safety of our client, before releasing them. 

For interviews or more information regarding these cases, please contact us. 

Our Cases in the News

These are a selection of our Prevent cases that have been reported in the news – as they were reported, or in their original form, from our cases library. 

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Charity challenges police secrecy over Prevent referrals data

Law reform charity Justice has challenged an attempt to keep Prevent referrals data secret by two of England’s largest police forces – West Midlands and Merseyside.

barclays primary school protest palestine badge CategoriesNews Report Our Cases in the News

‘Palestine badge’ incident prompts parent protest at Barclay Primary School

Barclay Primary School in Leyton has closed after parents staged a protest following a teacher reprimanding an eight-year-old boy for wearing a Palestine flag on his coat, reported The Independent.

the quran case muslim boy prevent CategoriesCommunity Case Study Education Case Study News Our Cases in the News

The Quran Case: When Prevent crossed the red line for Muslims

This case log details what came to be known as ‘The Quran Case’, when an 8-year-old Muslim boy was asked by counter-terrorism officers under Prevent to recite verses from the Qur’an.

fortnite prevent referral muslim boy CategoriesEducation Case Study News Our Cases in the News

Muslim boy, 4, speaks about Fortnite and is referred to Prevent

A four-year-old boy’s referral to Prevent after talking about Fortnite, a popular video game, at his after-school club has prompted fresh calls to abolish the controversial scheme. The boy, who is from the West Midlands and is a Muslim, was referred to Prevent in September 2019 after saying that his father had “guns and bombs in his shed”. However, transcripts of a conversation with a club worker reveal that the reference to weaponry was linked to Fortnite. The child’s mother believes that if her boy were white and not a Muslim he wouldn’t have been considered at risk of radicalisation. In the first (anonymous) interview from a parent of an under-six referred to Prevent, she described her upset at police turning up at the family home at 10.30pm. “It could have gone really wrong. I worry armed police could have come to my house and, you know, arrested the parents, […]

personal data prevent CategoriesCommunity Case Study News Our Cases in the News

Boy who referred to Prevent wins personal data case against Met Police

An aspiring doctor who was referred to Prevent over “misinformed” claims that he was “obsessed” with killing David Cameron must have his personal data deleted by the Metropolitan Police, the High Court has ruled. The boy – known only as II – was 11 when a tutor raised concerns in December 2015 that he allegedly wanted to kill the then prime minister, had spoken about “America being evil” and said he “liked Game Of Thrones because of the beheadings”. Officers with the Prevent anti-radicalisation programme spoke to his mother, NK, who said her son had recently written a letter he wanted to send to Mr Cameron which “spoke of peace and unity throughout the world”. Read more at Asian Image Related… The pressure-cooker effect: The harm of self-censorship on Palestine (Expert View, 2023) How Prevent will target a child, but ignore the cause (Expert View, 2023) The People’s Review of […]

prevent training children UK CategoriesNews Our Cases in the News

Schools try to put Muslim children in Prevent training “to spy” on others

5Pillars has been told that two schools in the UK have tried to put Muslim pupils in Prevent training. Prevent Watch, which monitors the government’s controversial counter-extremism programme, told 5Pillars that the schools, one in Birmingham and one in Slough, have been training, or attempting to train, their pupils in the Prevent strategy. All schools are required to deliver the Prevent duty and “have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.” However, it has been assumed until now that teachers are responsible for delivering Prevent and this is the first time that we have heard of pupils themselves being trained to deliver the strategy. 5Pillars spoke to a 17 year old pupil at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College in Birmingham, which has an overwhelming majority Muslim intake. The student told us that around a month ago his whole year group had been trained to look out for the “signs of […]

free speech violation prevent universities uk CategoriesNews Our Cases in the News

The Independent: Free speech violation as student essays reported to Prevent

In a shocking free speech violation, students have had their university essays investigated by counter-terrorism police and faced questioning by staff under Prevent, reports The Independent. Campaigners and experts warn that free speech is being stifled on campus and trust destroyed because of the “overzealous” Prevent programme, with students and lecturers becoming “suspects and informants”. Freedom of Information requests reveal that academic materials have been flagged in response to the government’s anti-radicalisation strategy – but it is understood that no action has been taken against students. Read more at The Independent Related… What we can expect from Prevent in the new academic year (Expert View, 2023) Higher Education, Prevent and Academic Freedom in the UK (Book Chapter, 2023) The People’s Review of Prevent (Report, 2023)  

domestic extremist children netpol CategoriesCommunity Case Study News Our Cases in the News

Netpol reveals how a 14-year-old boy was labelled a ‘domestic extremist’

This is a statement by Netpol about how a 14-year-old Derbyshire boy was labelled a ‘domestic extremist’, because he said in class that he is an anti-fascist.

prevent fire alarm case muslim boy CategoriesEducation Case Study Our Cases in the News

Fire alarm case: Muslim boy referred to Prevent after sarcastic banter

In what became known as the ‘fire alarm case’, a 16-year-old Muslim boy is referred to Prevent for a sarcastic comment he made during a fire alarm.

Our Prevent Cases Library

These are the records of all our Prevent cases that have agreed to be public.

To find out more or arrange case interviews, please contact us.

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Shocking Prevent training ‘highlighted a swastika alongside a girl in hijab’

A social worker reveals a Prevent training that proved shockingly ignorant about basic Islamic beliefs, trite on Palestinian activism, while giving a brief nod to the far-right, and ignoring zionism altogether.

prevent officers dawah man muslim teen umrah CategoriesOur Cases Library Education Case Study

Prevent officers ask Muslim teen to research ‘Dawah Man’ for them!

When a 16-year-old returns from umrah, Prevent officers question him at school, including asking him to ‘research Dawah Man’ and so they can ‘know more’ about him.

prevent officer autistic teenager CategoriesOur Cases Library Health Case Study

Mum with autistic son refuses Prevent officer in her home

Social services are evasive about why a Prevent officer with a background in working with drug addiction and anti-knife crime should be allowed to access and question an autistic child. 

horrible histories prevent referral muslim boy CategoriesEducation Case Study Our Cases Library

‘I heard it on Horrible Histories’: Six-year-old Muslim referred after school trip

This is the case of QS, a six-year-old referred to Prevent for a comment he first heard on the ‘Horrible Histories’ TV series.

nine year old interrogated under prevent optician CategoriesHealth Case Study Our Cases Library

‘What about them English girls?’: Nine-year-old interrogated under Prevent by optician

This is the case record of a nine-year-old boy, who after being interrogated under Prevent by an Optician felt like he did not belong in the UK.

CategoriesHealth Case Study Our Cases Library

‘It didn’t feel voluntary’: Nurse tells of Prevent home visits after Schedule 7 stop

A 20-year-old nursery nurse was subject to Prevent home visits after being stopped under Schedule 7when traveling to provide humanitarian aid abroad.